We are regularly asked about the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep.  Here’s a five point plan that seems to work for most people.

1. Go for a stroll or do some light stretches an hour or so before you go to bed.  Nothing too strenuous, just enough to relax the mind and muscles.

2. Have a warm bath (not too hot) with some Epsom salts or essential oils in it (lavender & mandarin are ideal).

3. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee in the evening.  Make yourself a relaxing herbal tea; chamomile is great and so is Yogi Bed Time & Heath & Heather Night Time.

4. Once in bed, swith off the TV, mobile phone & any other gadgets.  You need some serious “me time” – some people find a little light reading a help.  A lavender pouch under the pillow will help you to relax.

5. If steps 1-4 aren’t enough to help you drift off; short term use of products like Melissa Dream, Passiflora or Kalms Sleep may help you get back into a positive sleep pattern.  Come in for a chat & we’ll help find the right product for you.

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