This is the strangest name for the most delightful range of household products.  Its all derived from old household recipes and handmade in Cork by a small family company.

They only use natural vegetable ingredients like  soap flakes, baking soda and essential oils.  The beauty in this of course is that everything is biodegradable, including the simple packaging.

The range includes floor cleaner, dishwasher powder, washing powder, shower cleaner and toilet cleaner.  The most unusual product has to be the bed linen powder – you sprinkle it through your bed clothes and pillow cases to leave a relaxing scent of lavender and geranium.

Everything about it is just quirky and old fashioned.  Even the instructions on the washing powder say that it is “suitable for automatic and twin tub washing machines as well as hand washing”.  A free 1kg pack to the first person who can send me a pic of their working twin tub washing machine!

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