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Vote for Dungarvan as a Foodie Town

We all know that Dungarvan is a real food destination, with our award winning restaurants, wonderful local food producers, dedicated retailers and fantabulous food festival.

Now we have a chance to have our foodie status formally recognised.  Dungarvan has been shortlisted by the Restaurants Association of Ireland as a Foodie Town.

The judges will be in Town later in September and all the food shops & restaurants will be putting on a show for them.  But the public can also help.  50% of the marks are awarded after a You’re A Star type vote.  So getting voting now using the link below:

Be quick, voting closes on 2nd October

We’re very pleased to say that this week we have become the latest stockists of products from Viridian Nutrition, the award winning brand of ethical vitamins.

We really like this brand because of their comitment to purity, environment & quality.

Did you know that 50% of a tablet is made up of glues, known as binders, to hold the tablet together? For most people this is just an irritating fact, but for people who are hyper allergenic, this can be a real issue.

By making their capsules, liquids and powders as pure and simple as possible, avoiding all the nasties, Viridian have shown that it is possible to make a range of nutritional supplements acceptable for the majority of people.

Of course, we will still stock all of our regular brands like Solgar, Higher Nature & Terra Nova.  But with the addition of Viridian products, we’re now confident that we have by far the best selection of top quality vitamins & minerals in the area.

Magic Mayan Raw Chocolate

We have some exciting news for chocolate lovers.  We’re pleased to say that our stocks of Magic Mayan handmade raw chocolate have now arrived.

Made by Darren, Sinead and Nathan O’Connor in Ennis Co. Clare, this has to be the best raw chocolate we’ve ever tasted.

As you’d expect, it’s gluten free, dairy free & soya free.  Cleverly, they use a touch of  low GI coconut sugar to sweeten, which gives a lovely rounded caramel flavour.

We’ve tasted lots of raw chocolate in the last couple of years and much of it is pretty meh to be honest. Magic Mayan is very different.  The flavour and, importantly, the texture is spot on.

Don’t believe me though, try one of the six flavours for yourself.  But please don’t take all of the Always Almond (made with salted, roast almonds) – thats Anne’s favourite & she’ll not be happy if we run out.

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