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We’re really pleased that Nia, a great new Irish made natural skincare range has just arrived in store.

These balms are unique in that they are formulated like a cream but without the addition of water and therefore also without the need for emulsifiers, alcohol, preservatives or chemicals of any kind.

They can be used on the most sensitive, even allergy prone, skins. Use them in their concentrated form for intensive moisturising for dry skin or use them with additional water over the top for someone looking for moisturising with a lighter texture.

We have a Facial Moisturiser, a Firming Body Balm, an Intensive Body Balm & an Intensive Body Scrub.  We’re also really pleased with the Delicate just balm which is formulated specially for excema, dermatitis, psoriasis, flaky patches, irritation, skin rashes & is even gentle enough for babies.

We have lots of testers and samples in store.

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