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New itsu Noodle Pots

At first glance you might think this is just another Pot Noodle, but with fresh udon noodles, a heavenly broth paste and dried Italian vegetables, it’s a far cry from the traditional dried stuff.

These noodle pots from itsu have been a long time in the making…that’s what makes them so special.

They’ve spent months sourcing the noodles, perfecting the broth, hunting down the dried tomato, courgettes & spinach from Puglia in Italy, and even designing a special pink spork to help you slurp.

We have two varieties Original Thai & Spicy, packed with natural flavours and no MSG.

Belazu Balsamic Pearls

Want to try something that the best Michelin starred restaurants are using?

People have been asking for these Balsamic Pearls since they were featured in the Irish Times magazine a few Saturdays ago.

Jewel like pearls of balsamic vinegar ready to explode on your taste buds. Sprinkle over salads, canapés & fruity puds.

The good news is that they are gluten free & suitable for vegans.

New Punc Bottles

Take a look at Punc bottles, from an Irish company based in Clonakilty Co. Cork.

Strong enough to last a lifetime because they’re made from food grade steel, one of the most durable materials around.  There’s no funny smells or aftertastes & they are non toxic, don’t leech and are BPA-free.  Unlike aluminium bottles they don’t need to be lined with plastic or epoxy resin.

So far, so healthy, but they also come in some funky colours & three sizes: 500ml, 750ml & 1 litre. Great for holidays, sports, hiking or for the kids’ school lunch boxes.

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