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Nutritionist Emma Finn In Store

We have nutritionist Emma Finn in store on Thursday 28th February to answer all your diet and health queries.

Emma is a Solgar specialist based in the UK and we’re really pleased to be one of only a few stores in Ireland selected for such a visit.

This one is bound to be popular, so contact us now for your FREE appointment.

We’ve just had a delivery of Pine Grove Farm Free Range Sausages as featured in the latest Bridgestone Guide.

With all the news about processed foods containing all sorts of stuff that’s not meant to be there and “meat” travelling half way around the world and being bought & sold many times before it actually appears in the food chain, its nice to be able to trace a product back to a farm just a few miles away.

There are some great new flavours in the range. We now have Apple & Mustard, Chilli & Paprika, Garlic & Thyme, Sage & Onion as well as the original Free Range Pork.

We think they are the best tasting sausages around, but don’t just take my word for it – give them a go & let us know what you think.

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