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Fair Trade Fortnight

Its Fairtrade Fornight once again.  This year it runs from 28th February to 13th March.  As usual the big supermarkets will have their high profile Fairtrade displays for the couple of weeks & then many of the products will disappear again until next year.

Here at Blasta Wholefoods we have a range of over 50 Fairtrade products all year round.    We stock the stuff you’d expect like teas, coffees, biscuits, dried fruit, rice, quinoa, breakfast cereals, chocolate and snacks.  We also have the more unusual Fairtrade products like liquid soap, cleaning cloths and rubber gloves.

I had lunch a week or so ago with Jenny from the Chamber and some students from Ard Scoil na nDeise & it looks very likely that Dungarvan will try to achieve Fairtrade Town status in the coming months, which is great news. 

Further info about Fairtrade Fortnight is available from

Waterford Festival of Food

We’re gearing up for the Pig Parade which marks the launch of the programme for the 4th Waterford Festival of Food.  The parade will take place in Walton Park Dungarvan on Wednesday 2nd March.

Competition is fierce and only the best pig will become the mascot for this year’s festival.  The  Blasta Wholefoods pig (codename “Tofu”) is currently under construction in our  top secret porcine research centre in Stradbally. Watch this space for more information.

Further details of the festival can be found on

Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soaps

Dr Bronner’s liquid soaps are something of a phenomenon.  They’ve been going for more than 60 years and are still one of the most versatile products around.

Certified Organic & now Fair Trade, they are  pure Castille soaps made with organic oils like hemp, coconut, almond, olive & jojoba.   They are mild enough to use on face, body, hair & even to wash your delicate woollens. We currently stock six varieties: Peppermint, Rose, Tea Tree, Orange, Lavender and Almond. 

And why am I suddenly banging on about a 60 year old product?  Well, we  have loads of samples to give away so you can try them for yourself.  Drop in & pick up a sample.

Barron’s Rye Sourdough

We’ve teamed up with the award winning Barron’s Bakery from Cappoquin to offer a 100% Rye Sourdough bread.  It is yeast, wheat, sugar, salt and dairy free, so its bound to be a hit with many of our customers.

Like all of Barron’s breads, it is baked the traditional way in scotch brick ovens, in a tradition going back to when the bakery was established in 1887.

The bread will be available in store on Thursday’s Friday’s and Saturday’s, priced at just €2.50.

Pandora Bell Eggs

It’s (almost) time to welcome the Spring, and we have just the thing.  Pandora Bell, the fab sweetie makers from Limerick have produced the most delightful little praline eggs.

These are real hen’s eggs that have been emptied, sterilised and filled with delicious praline chocolate.  They can be cracked and peeled like a hard boiled egg!

They are available now at just €2.50 each.  A great little token for Valentine’s Day or just to show someone you care.  Don’t wait ’til Easter though, because they’ll all be gone.

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